With over a decade of garment production
experience prior to establishing Garment Ingenuity,
I managed the supply chain and total garment production process - from design concept, through
to delivery of finished product - for several high
end retail & wholesale fashion labels.

Tertiary qualified in fashion design, pattern making, garment
construction and couture, I graduated in 1997 and have since
worked full time in the fashion industry. As a result, I boast well
developed trade skills in all these areas.

Since the inception of Garment Ingenuity 3 years ago, I have
been creating individually tailored garments for clients ranging
from childrens and petite sizes through to plus sizes.

I've also expanded into the creation of costumes for theatre companies, being commissioned to design & make unique outfits for educational plays & children's entertainment shows.

I am still available to provide production and garment technician
services (from my studio or on site) to the fashion industry on a
freelance basis, having retained many good contacts from those
years in the rag trade, I like to keep in the loop and up to date with fashion through continued involvement.

Garment Ingenuity is not just garment focused. After relocating to Hurstbridge, I now have a large work space that can accommodate interior decorating jobs, including custom curtains, blinds and soft furnishings. The studio also provides a great creative space to
persue my own art. Click on Textile Art & Me to find out more.


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